Pyroferus Technologies provides well managed and cost-effective services that will help you to reach your business goals. Our combination of excellent services and highly skilled techies offers you an absolutely top-quality, yet affordable solution for all your complex business needs.

We are extremely glad to work closely with our clients - in listening to their requirements, addressing their business challenges and using their feedback to help guide software enhancements thus providing relevant and reliable solutions. Our standards and quality procedures have helped us achieve complete customer satisfaction across the World.

So, choosing us is working together in shaping the future of your business.


Upgrade your Business Activities

Automation simplifies your complex tasks and offers you with the means of staying competitive. Automation helps you minimize possibilities of human errors and manage time thereby bringing easy and quick ROI by saving costs, increase business and IT process reliability and speed.

This is the reason why companies, both big and small, opt for Automation. While it’s true that it reduce unnecessary man-power, you will need well trained professionals to manage your activities. Fool-proof training has to be given to your existing employees to supervise the computerized versions.

Pyroferus is here to lend you a hand and help you prosper. Being the fastest growing technology company in Chennai, Pyroferus offers training in the following:

Our training program covers all the concepts with real time applications. Our technical Trainers are specialized in the field of Software Testing and are well aware of the latest Tools. Our training modules are available Online as well as Direct.

Having gained the highest rate for the programmes we offer to our clients, we are proud of our national and international clientele.

Pyroferus Technologies is specialized in serving the most challenging technology needs across the various domains worldwide. Our state-of-the-art services extent from Independent Test Group (ITG), Application Development, Product Development and Training. Our services are well laid to meet the business strategies and are tailor-made to address the complex business challenges conforming to highest quality standards.Check out our website for more information.


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