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Though not measurable, studies have proven that the indirect cost involved in the loss of new business and current customer satisfaction is one of the major chunk that comprises lost revenue for a business. Also proven is that, nearly half of the total software project cost is spent towards QA and testing, especially as cost of quality in terms of time spent by the staff. These have led the businesses to consider newer models of QA and testing.

One of the best options, that help the businesses in reducing both the direct cost of staffing and the indirect cost of lost customers, is QA Outsourcing. With experience from different verticals and backgrounds, sound knowledge and backup from recent tools and technologies, our QA engineers help our clients with low cost alternatives for testing and QA processes.

As a trusted value partner, Pyroferus provides highly matured and optimized outsourcing services to its clients. To speed up the software development process, the software QA process begins simultaneously with the development, thereby allowing thorough testing of the application before delivery and provides highest client satisfaction with the final outcome.

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