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I started the journey of my life from a village with humble background . Providence has led me through various exposures and experiences and to reach a stage where I act as a professional in a city at present.

What’s next? I discovered a call within me to do something for the youths who need the right orientation towards their professional lives. Normally, certain things are taken for granted by both the society and the person involved. When he begins to realize that something is missing, the search for the enlightenment starts.

In the process, some are lost without the guidance. I felt that I should do my part so that this gap in the society can be filled to a certain extent. I do understand the challenges involved. But i know that Challenges are the whetstones to sharpen our lives to touch the quality. Let us experiment our lives with quality as our Mahatma did with truth. There are many success stories in the history to strengthen ourselves. ‘Hoping against hope’ is the real success in life.

As my reasons fill me with doubts, my faith fills me with hopes. Doubts are doubts and not the results. They require clarification. It is not that I reached quality that I call others towards it. I am going to move towards quality along with you. We are going to grow together. I am happy about this journey - I accompanying you and you accompanying me.

“Real leadership is not about prestige, power or status. It is about responsibility.”
As founder always want to LEAD WITHOUT TITLE

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